Price list

We offer an affordable accommodation in the heart of the Bohemian Paradise, far from the city bustle. Below you will find the current prices for the 2024.

  • Adult: CZK 450/night + CZK 20/night local (resort) fee
  • Child 0–3 years of age: CZK 200/night
  • Child 4–15 years of age: CZK 275/night
  • Pet: CZK 200/night
  • Sauna fee: CZK 40/1kWh
  • Linen fee: CZK 100/guest (for stays of 1–3 nights only)
  • Summer season (July–August):
    CZK 14.500/week (price for maximum of 5 guests, each extra guest CZK 200/night)
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